Divine Utterance

"Out of the great ocean of eternity, out of the great depths of the infinite, mysteriously comes the divine message.  Love brooded over the depths, and mercy and justice found new relationship in atoning favor.  On the wings of love and power, the redeeming forces were born to the altitudes of Calvary, where they were compressed by dying agony, and the Holy Ghost came to scatter, like showers, love and mercy and power upon the hearts of men.  And these showers and tempests of love and slavation, these irrigating streams from the mountains of His holiness, find their way as a divine utterance to human hearts."

"There is, to me, in this, one marvelous - almost awful thought. Back of the rain and snow, the gentle showers and storms and water brooks, are all the forces of the infinite God.  God does not fail.  The rain and the snow come, and the earth is made fertile and productive, and no man can stop Him in His work.  A man might undertake to thwart God's purposes.  He might, by incessant labor, succeed in keeping some little spot from producing, and yet, a few feet away, the grass would spring up to mock him.  Every shower that falls, every murmuring stream, every blade of grass, every flower, every head of grain and waving harvest, laughs him to scorn; vegetation still goes on; rain and snow come, and the earth buds.  God is not dead.  A man may not work with Him, and thus starve himself, but the great purpose of God goes on.  So it is with His utterance to men.  Out of the depths of the heart of God, by infinite power and love, it comes, borne on the wings of the Holy Ghost, to human hearts" 
~ Phineas F. Bresee ~